About the Practitioner

Body-Centered Therapy

Specializing in Asian bodywork, Esalen massage, and chair massage

California Massage Therapy Council, certified since 2010

Esalen Massage, Esalen Institute, certified since 2010

Swedish Massage, San Francisco Yoga Society, certified in 1979

Acupressure and Asian Bodywork, Acupressure Institute, certified in 2000

My Philosophy of Practice

I use a client-centered approach. I am here to assist you in getting what you want. We’ll use our senses (touch, vision, hearing) as a guide. I do not let ready-made formulas dictate what I do. What’s in front of me, what I perceive, is always more important than what I might have thought before I start working on a client.

I believe in working one step at a time. First let’s try something simple to deal with the complex issues you may be experiencing. Your response is my guide. Your feedback from one step will lead to the next step, and this process continues as we work through your issues and move toward your goals. I want you to have  agency in your healing and wellness experience.


Why I Do What I Do

I don't know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve—Albert Schweitzer

Like most of you, I too am interested in becoming happy. And my approach is not to amass wealth, but to follow Schweitzer’s idea of pursuing happiness through helping others. No matter how humble it might be, being able to contribute to your life and health—to make a difference in this way—gives me real joy. Here I am not offering an idea, I’m offering concrete body-based experience. I like to return, again and again, to the basics of human life.

What Do I Do When I'm Not with Clients?

For 40 years, I ran for an hour nearly every day. Recently, I have reduced my running time and switched to practicing Tai Chi and Chi Gong. In the context of massage or healing work, these practices support my health, which helps me support my clients. Without wellness, I would be very limited. That’s why I enjoy doing things to take care of myself. I feel it is a responsibility and a commitment I make to my practice.

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